Rail King®
RK300 Railcar Mover

RK300 Railcar Mover
Provides up to 47,550 pounds of tractive effort
The RK300 G6 offers the highest tractive effort rating in a single cab model. It features larger capacity axles and is the heaviest of the three single cab models. All single cab models feature a 60-gallon train air reservoir.

RK300 Key Features

  • Friction roadwheel drive
  • Four-speed transmission, autoshift or powershift selection
  • Crossover platform
  • 360˚ operator visibility
  • Full-width bumpers to protect powertrain
  • 60-gallon train air reservoir
  • Good floor space and cabin height for ease of operator movement
  • Fabricated steel couplers
  • Royalglide operator comfort system
  • Easy-access pneumatic valve tray

RK300 Railcar Mover Downloads

RK300 Spec
RK300 - Spec
Rail King® Brochure
Rail King - Brochure
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